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Dec 3, 2012 11:00pm EST
attention. madam chair and colleagues, i think you've concluded your draft of water resources bill in which i appreciate and i hope we can address that later this year. unfortunately, other areas where this will protect it and saw. this first photo -- this is a new bridge over the indian river inland. you can ask the atlantic ocean to the delaware. that's a new bridge could be spent over $200 million on the bridge in the last several years. a lot of federal money, quite a bit of state. this is the old bridge. it disappeared. it's gone. this is a highway to the old bridge. ron. four months ago people make their way up and down the east coast. today the bridge is completely gone along with highway approaches. the new bridge are threatened and we want to make sure we've made a $200 million investment that we don't use the bridge. until the bridge can work underwater. unfortunately you can't get to the bridge and the beaches of rio to the easter pÂtÉ densities to be there argonne and they need to be replaced. thank you. in addition, a huge breach fewell -- with the delaware bay and delaware r
Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
. and, madam president, i have pending here a legislation to permanently change the name of that homemaker ira to the hutchison ira, because she really did lead the way. i was an able ally. and we made a difference. so i could go through item after item, the way we've worked on breast cancer together, the way we've worked on appropriations. she has -- is my ranking member on commerce, justice and science. we've worked together on the space program. we've worked together to keep our -- our areas safe. from the start, we shared a personal commitment that technology in space could help america remain exceptional. a belief in supporting the research in science leading to new ideas that would be not only new areas that we would explore but new technologies for new products and new jobs. yes, i visited her dad at mission control and i've been there during the great research that we were able to see being done in that area. she, too, remember, the home of the komen foundation is in texas. but it is not -- senator hutchison was very clear that she wanted to be sure that she, too,
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
a loss and laypeople off. >> thank you, madam secretary. two points because my time is winding down. one is, you and your proposal for essentially merging or consolidating both the programs for public housing authority. i think that's part of your design. that's reflected in the legislation that i have submitted and some of my colleagues are supporting. i think it makes sense. the second point, and you alluded to it. this notion of banding together, spreading all the head costs, it's something i think we should all explore. you know, i'm sure there are communities in south dakota and new jersey and long island where there is one housing official trying to cope with all of this in a really difficult client instead to the extent we can incentivize this coming together, maybe not formally, but through a joint services or joint overhead, that would be very good. any advice you have for us going forward we appreciate. think you, mr. chairman and madame secretary >> senator. >> thank you very much. first of all, i apologize. i've only been here for couple moments. i do want to stop by and indi
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
and eyes on the ground and personal experience. >> thank you madame chair and to the witnesses. i have three points. briefly. to express my real sympathy for the support of all victims of sandy might be not homes, businesses and livelihood. and has said tragic human face and we need to keep that in mind. i am supportive of acting quickly of aid to immediately help those victims. we need to do that in a thoughtful, responsive, resp onsible way with the mayor can taxpayer in mind. second govett with the sba, there is good news and room for continuing improvement. we have come along way positively since hurricane katrina and rita and your response has been significantly improved. the initial response 2005 was low, and adequate to before steve preston took over and turned to the disaster program around and it has improved. we could work in this committee to enact further improvements and reform that senator landrieu mentioned. i was proud to work with her and others including the sba disaster reform 2008 farm bill. but we can continue to learn and to improve and enact reform and we can in
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
incidentally has its own budget shortfall. madam chairman, as your reference, we seem to be entering an age of increasingly violent storms. at think we really have to think carefully about whether and how to rebuild and locations we know of vulnerable and likely to be hit again which means as we go forward we have to take some vision and think about how we replace critical infrastructure. for instance, during each of the three storms in connecticut in the past year. we have most seriously been impacted by a long-term power outages as a result of our aging electrical distribution system. therefore i hope we will use this opportunity to up some power lines underground move measures of stations away from the store. other mitigation projects include front -- want protection , rhoda improvements, gardening or relocation. the estimated cost for similar projects, and towns, and infrastructure, estimated by our gunners office at $3 billion. the failure to adequately fund mitigation and resilient efforts will only lead to greater federal spending in the future as extreme weather events, including an
Dec 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
starting in 2013. thank you, madam chair. >> thank you. i'm going to end with you saying how important is for congress to act or not on the supplemental and what are your people saying about the signal that may send to them. i know 60 billion is a significant number. in your experience, what you're seeing on the ground, what are your telling you about the importance of that recovery package click >> is extremely important both for local businesses and for a visit in. for the people impacted by this time in people staying with friends in other areas are right now making the decision if were going to go out of business. so it's extremely important and the sooner the better can be acted on so we can get this unmet need and get people back to living in their homes and keep their businesses so important for a local economy. >> mr. law and mr. king. >> as i mentioned, our state government is doing their part. philanthropic communities do their part. but i must make it the approval of the president's proposed package of aid to our region, were not going to recover. so it's critically importan
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
. and i'd like to read what he said. it touched me. he said madam president, i wish to set back in history. on december 7, 1941, pearl harbor bombed hawaii. that was declared all japanese-americans on the americans, citizens born in the united states or had japanese ancestry would be considered enemy aliens. as a result, they could not put i love my country and wanted to put on a uniform to show her my heart said. we petition the government. and they said if you wish to volunteer, go ahead. he turned and said that i think the beneficiaries of the senator from illinois in the dream act will do the same. it was a short statement that was captured in a few words his life and his sacrifice and what he had proven by risking his life for this country. the reason that we honor him this morning. i closed by saying two things. first, i think senator akaka came to the floor at last night about his colleague of so many years and put it in a few words. he said last night, tomorrow will be the first date since why became a state in 1959 that dan inouye will not be representing us. he went on to say tha
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7